Red Sun Power Flower PF-18 Necklace Positive Orgone Energy Excellent Gift! LIFE LOVE!!!
Red Sun Power Flower PF-18 Necklace Positive Orgone Energy Excellent Gift! LIFE LOVE!!!

Red Sun Power Flower PF-18 Necklace Positive Orgone Energy Excellent Gift! LIFE LOVE!!!

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Power Flower Necklace

Orgone Energy Accumulator Generator

528Hz/7.83Hz/Advance Harmonics

Intentions Love, Strength, Power, Healing, Calm, Clarity, Creativity, Abundance, Prosperity

Comes on adjustable 18-22 inch black satin cord


Base Width 1 5/8"-41mm Height 1/4"-6mm

Red Sun Iron Oxide, Bionized Quartz, Bionized Citrine, Azomite, Bionized Black Jade, Black Tourmaline, Bionized Emerald, Kyanite, Lepidolite, Pyrite, Bionized Rose Quartz, Selenite, Bionized Smoky Quartz, Zeolite, Copper BB's, and Brass Shavings


Aids in the transmutation of stagnant/negative energies & EMF waves(DOR=dead Orgone energy) into into a more positive form(POR-positive Orgone energy)

---------- Bionized Crystals-----------

Crystals that has been energetically "woken up". Wilhelm Reich was working with the theory of Bions as well as Orgone. Many people in the orgone community agree that it's very effective to bionize sand and added to orgone yields some great energetic effects.

Black Sun Iron Oxide Iron is the heart of the Earth, with exceptionally grounding abilities as well as opening connections between worlds, making it an exceptional element for reaching into orgone fields to clean energy on the planes as well.

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More Information About Orgone

Check out this video

Spirit Science Crystals 4th episode


Orgone is a handmade product and may have some small imperfections such as bubbles or texture variations; this in no way affects the quality or function of the orgone devices.



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Uses for your Orgone:

Place at each corner of your bed
Put one either side of your windowsill and another in the middle.
Place on every electrical device
Place on or under your plug socket
Enjoy during meditation
Carry them with you in your bag or car
Place under bed for better sleep
Put on the perimeter of property to cleanse it
Place in corners of a room to protect it
Place near cell towers to block the negative effects
Grid them on your property for protection

Benefits of using Orgone Devices

Cleanse area of negative energies
Create an optimal atmosphere
Cleanse the energy of a large area
Attract positive energy to a property
Prevent Chemtrails from polluting
Help crops grow
Create peaceful energy
Reduces The Affects Electro Magnetic Fields
DOR from TVs’, Microwaves etc

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