Multipack Discounts on selected listings appear when items are placed in the Cart.

Accounts are optional. The email or phone number is only for order processing customer contact, creating an account or signing up for future offers is optional.

Payment Methods accepted by this Store:

Logo shopify payments on

Shopify Payments- Allows to pay with credit cards, bank cards. Also Accelerated Payment Methods Apple Pay and Shopify Pay.


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PayPal Express Checkout- Use PayPal account to checkout. This Method can be used without the need to create a PayPal account. Credit cards can be used with this option.


Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay-use this method to check out with your Amazon account


Google Pay

Coinbase and GoCoin are active in checkout.

Other Payment Method- Choose this option for mailing a Check or Money Order as payment. Choose this for Crypto Currency payments other than Coinbase and Gocoin. Choose this option for another preferred payment method. Contact us at to verify that the payment method you desire to use for your order, is accepted before placing an order be that the option has not specified on this page.

PUT IT ON LAY-BUY- A service provided through PayPal that allows the buyer to choose how much to spend up front and payment agreement for remaining balance.


Crypto Currencies are Welcome to use for your orders.

These options will appear when you reach the payments page. To use a different method choose Other Payment Method.
Please email be that if have a different payment method you prefer,
prior to placing an order.Thanks!

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